How To Build Super Duper Biceps?

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Building biceps is one of the most popular body building requirements.  We all go gaga when we see bodybuilders flexing their biceps.  Do you want to know how to get those super biceps?

But before going into the details of building up your biceps, what anatomically is a bicep? Bicep is a two-headed muscle between our shoulder and elbow. Its main role is to flex our elbows and help in rotating the forearm.  The bicep gets used every time you move your lower arm towards your shoulder.

Having strong biceps also help you in more advanced body building techniques like bench pressing, push-ups, sets, jettison etc.

If you are a beginner, you need to build up your strength before working on those arm muscles and moving onto those heavy duty work outs.  As with any other body building requirements there are few important things you need to do first before you start:

  • Eat healthy and eat well
  • Get a good sleep
  • Be prepared mentally
  • Make sure your biceps will be in proportion with the rest of the body, and that means building the body using a program such as the Adonis Golden Ratio.

Diet and Rest

Eat a lot of healthy food to gain a good body weight which would make you stronger and in turn help you develop your muscle mass.  Develop a daily routine for food and stick to it.

Instead of eating heavy food at one go, split up your routine and eat say for every 3 hours once.  You can have your daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner and accompany it with couple of snacks before and after every work out session.  So make sure to eat lot and put on some weight.  Drink lots of water to compensate for the loss of body fluids during workouts.  Remember that in order to get big arms you need to have a strong body.

Many times in a hurry to build up the muscles quickly, people concentrate more on their body building routines, the next workout technique to use, number of work out hours they need to put etc.  They often tend to ignore one basic necessity of the human body – sleep.   Research has shown that our muscles recover and grow quickly during sleep.  Our body releases growth hormones into the blood during sleep, which is very important for our muscles growth.  The number of hours a person should sleep varies from person to person.  As per a research, a healthy person should have at least 5-6hrs of sleep daily.

Give your body frequent rest and take time off from your workout once a while.  Stay active even when you are not doing exercise and avoid sedentary lifestyle.

Whatever you dream or aim for, unless you have a strong mental belief you cannot get where you want to be.  It is very important that you develop a good workout plan and be confident that you can reach there.

You may face lot of challenges in your body building journey and you need to have a strong mindset to strive harder and overcome every hurdle you face.  Every once in a while during your body building journey, look back at your workout routine and feel great about the challenges you have overcome which would give you more inner strength to work harder towards your end goal.


Coming back to building up your biceps, there are various method and techniques suggested by experts.   Some of the most famous techniques are:


This is one of the oldest and probably the easiest way to build your biceps as well as your back muscles.

As the name suggests, in this method you are pulling up your body against a solid bar which is anchored tightly and is slightly above your height.  Hold on to the bar tightly and pull up till the bar is at your chest level.  Repeat this 10 to 15 times.  Pull-ups are usually done by holding the bar such that your palms face away from you.


Chin-ups is same as Pull-ups but for one difference.  You will be holding the bar with your palms facing you instead of away.  This puts more pressure on the biceps, as the elbows pull straight down rather than sideways as in pull-ups.


This is one of the most commonly used techniques to build up the biceps and is also frequently referred to as Dumbbell Curls based on the apparatus used to perform this.  Dumbbells are one of the frequently used equipment in weight training.  Since you will be moving the Dumbbell in an arc with the strength of your biceps in a curling motion, this technique is called the Curls.

To perform the basic variation of Curls, one would hold a Dumbbell in each of his hands.  Then lift one hand till forearm is vertical and touches your chest.  Then lower this hand to its original position and repeat the same routine with your other hand.  Continue to alternate between each hand and repeat the routine 10-15times and 2 to 3 times a day.

There are various types of curls other than the basic Dumbbell Curls explained above like Barbell Curls, Standing curls, Press Curls etc which you could try once you get comfortable with Dumbbell Curls.

Do not do curls at fast speed.  Lifting and lowering should be done at same pace but not too slow either.

As with any other body building techniques, there are certain precautions that one must take when working out their biceps.  Whatever method you follow, make sure you understand how it works and the correct way to do it before you start using it.  Try curling just enough weight that you can manage.  Trying to lift more weight than you are capable to would mean you will use your body to support your arms by swinging back or forward, which would just negate any good work you would have done so far.

Maintaining correct posture will ensure that your backs, knees are in proper shape and do not suffer any injuries as a side effect of workouts.

Stick to your diet plan and workout plan strictly and keep reviewing your plans and you will definitely get the biceps you have dreamt of.

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