How to Gain Muscle Quickly

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Gaining muscle is a vital factor for body builders and professional trainers, and without adequate muscle mass it is difficult to lift heavier weights and undergo vigorous training. While gene plays its share in determining your built and your height to certain extent, food and nutrition are equally important in the process of developing your body and physique. The body mass index is a crucial factor when it comes to weight and fitness training. While some opt for natural methods which require time and equanimity, others opt for supplements which aim to increase your muscle content in a matter of few weeks; however their effectiveness carry’s a question mark. So, is quality aliment enough to increases muscle mass or is there more to it that meets the eye?

Some say that supplements are quite effective when it comes to muscle building. One can consume up to three times the protein one has in regular protein rich diet. While on the other hand there are some scientists and researchers who contradict theses facts, saying that protein supplements only increase your muscle mass by infinitesimally small amounts. Creatine, supplement is quite preferred by most body builders and professional trainers. Originally derived from the chemical compound, it is organic in nature and is present in all vertebrates, theoretically it helps enhance your energy levels and escalate muscle mass. However due to its increased demand, it is now manufactured synthetically.

However, the effectiveness of creatine is quite questionable, since the European food safety association confirms that more 3gm of intake of creatine on a regular basis can be a bit risky. Up to 3gms and you are safe. It is quite an amount, if you can measure it that is. However there are surveys that depict that intake of more than 28 to 30 gm of creatine per day is risk free however, its efficiency in increasing your muscle mass is still questionable. Even so, thousands of body builders still prefer creatine, as an alternative muscle and protein supplements. Over the years it has become increasingly popular among trainers and various enthusiastic body builders who have set their minds on body building and enhancing their physique. Apart from creatine there are various other supplements such as protein shakes and muscle mass inducers.

Another pretty well known drug and supplement that most body builders’ abuse is steroids. Though the steroids and its abuse have been strictly banned by many international agencies, it is still widely circulated and used in the field of sports and body building. However, steroids have detrimental repercussions and can prove to be fatal and life threatening. Initially steroids were thought to be harmless and were extensively used as supplements to enhance muscle power and growth. However, prolonging steroid abuse increases the risks of cardiac arrests and contracting hypomania, a condition where a person feels irritated and distraught. It is often associated with bipolar disorder. Researches also show that anabolic steroids might trigger depression and anxiety. At older ages, people often suffer from unexpected shivering and concussions due to prolonged abuse of anabolic steroids at younger ages. Steroids do yield faster results, but has detrimental repercussions on health. It may appear tempting, but it would probably best to abstain from steroids.

On the contrary some look forward to a natural increase in weight, height and muscle mass. Having the right diet is the key to a healthier body. If you are working out, then light meals definitely won’t help. Go for heavier meals to suffice the energy demands of your body. It might be a slow process to gain that extra mass just by dieting if you have opted for routine workout sessions. A typical body building diet includes chicken, fishes, eggs and lots of pulses. White meat is definitely beneficial when it comes to body building and having that right physique. Abstain from junk food; you definitely don’t want to go to hospital because of diarrhoea right? Having the right food prove can be useful in developing your muscles power.

A protein rich diet, typically a balanced diet can be even more effective, if one intakes vitamin supplements regularly. Vitamin tablets, such s vitamin B complexes, vitamin c tablets etc, helps to boost your immune system, simultaneously aiding the absorption of vitamins by the body. This Make muscle fibres stronger and aids the growth of muscle tissues.

Limit your regular cardio, if you look for muscle gains. Cardio training is aimed at weight loss and fitness. Too much cardio can hamper your muscle growth. The muscles might break down to supply glycogen to the body, so as to compensate for the loss of essential vitamins and proteins during cardio exercises. Performing cardio for lesser repetition is good for your heart and in turn increases longevity. If you’re indulged in a regular jogging for about an hour or two, then cut it short to half your current time. A daily thirty minute of jogging and sprinting would suffice. Shift those extra hours to weight hours to weight training.

If you are seeking various alternatives to increase your muscle mass, then there’s no better way than weight training. You should also look at the Adonis Golden Ratio course.  It is more of strength training rather than fitness training, aimed to increase muscle power and strength. Weight training is good for you’re as well as escalates your muscle mass index. The sole aim of weight training is to work out the muscles of specific areas of our body, which stimulates growth of the muscle fibres and hence makes us look robust and sturdy. Dumbbell curls, barbell curls, etc are good alternatives for beginners to trigger muscle growth. Weight training also increases gripping strength. However, if proper caution is not exercised it may lead to breakdown of muscle fibres leading to excessive pain in the joints and the affected area. This should be avoided at all cost, as severe pains can make you bedridden for several weeks and unforeseen injuries can hamper your training schedule.

Weight training should be performed under supervision, since it can be risky and a person might as well succumb to injuries. One should exercise proper safety measure before a work out or one may to land in a hospital instead.

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