How To Get Yourself Six Pack Abs?

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When you see your favourite hero shirtless in his movie displaying his perfect 6 pack, do you not go green with envy? How you wish you too will have his god like body and have everyone drooling over it?

Well, it is no mean feat.  Your hero has undergone rigorous bodybuilding training and followed a strict diet for getting his perfect abs.  Let us check out what your hero must have done to get his abs.

Before what exactly is a 6 pack? It is nothing but three muscular bellies visible on either side of the umbilicus.  Hence the name 6 packs.  It is generally not visible in everyone’s body as it is covered by body fat.  When sportsmen, bodybuilders, movie stars undergo exercises to burn the fat and build the abdominal muscles, the 6 packs become visible.

How to lose fat enclosing the 6 packs?

Control your diet

Diet is the most important factor for losing the fat.  Never skip your breakfast.  Instead of 3 heavy meals in the day, divide it into 4-5 smaller portions.

Have a healthy nutritious breakfast comprising of eggs, salads and fruit juices.  Have minimal protein intake in morning, save that for lunch time.  Brown rice, protein shakes, chicken, salads are ideal for lunch while go light again during dinner to avoid fat accumulation in the body.  Eat your almonds, flax seeds, olive oil to give the requisite amount of fat to the body.

Supplements like Protein bars, multivitamins help the body to regain the lost nutrients during workouts.  Drink lots of water throughout the day.  Stay away from aerated drinks, excess sugar, junk foods.

Check out good diet plans with your nutritionist and keep measuring your weight.  A good will power to control the diet is half the battle won.

Weight lifting and cardio exercises

Weight lifting and cardio exercises are perfect way to burn the excess fat surrounding your abs.
Cardio exercises are less strenuous than strength training workouts.  Running, brisk walking, jogging swimming, cycling are examples of cardio exercises which cause the fat to burn in a regular manner without overdoing the body’s limits.  It allows the body to endure the high intensity workouts required to achieve particular goals of body building.  When done regularly it is a sure shot way of losing all your excess fat.

Relax and enjoy life

Do not overdo yourself in your enthusiasm.  Exercising all days is not required for bodybuilding.  Taking a day off is not a crime.  Also, sleep for minimum 6 hours a day.  Your body needs to recover from the strains it is undergoing.

Keep stress away from life because if your mind is elsewhere, results will not be guaranteed.  Even when you are not exercising, be active.  Go for small walks, take the stairs, and find ways to move your arms and legs even while sitting and doing nothing.

How to build abs?

The following set of workouts helps to exercise your abdominal region and build the muscles in this area.  Depending on your limits, you can either perform all or choose to perform some of them.  It is always best to keep changing the exercises frequently.


Crunch is one of the most basic and initial ab building methods.

  • Lie on the floor on your back with knees bent.
  • Hold your hands to your chest or keep them back against your head.
  • Without using your hand, bend your shoulders towards your bent knees.
  • Do not move your lower back and use only the abdominal muscles for support.
  • Hold your position for some time and then slowly lie down again.

There are many other variants like reverse crunch, twisting crunch, decline reverse crunch, bicycle crunch etc.

Sit ups

Sit ups are very similar to crunch but the difference here is that in sit ups you need to lift your back and come to a sitting position while trying to reach your bent knees.

Both crunch and sit ups are basic exercises and are not meant for instant fat reduction.

Jack knife Sit up

  • In this variant of basic sit up, you lie down on your back and then raise both your arms and legs such that they touch each other.
  • Stay in this position for some time and then return back to lying position.
  • Repeat increasing the frequency gradually.


 It is one of the most helpful exercises targeting your abdominal muscles

  • Lie down on the floor on your stomach
  • Lift your body with the entire weight resting on your forearm elbows touching the ground
  • Hold your abdominal muscles tight
  • Stay in this position for a comparatively longer time
  • Relax
  • Repeat

Rolling Barbell

Unlike previous exercises this uses a prop in the form of barbell

  • Lie straight on your back with knees bent upwards.
  • Hold a barbell at the end towards your head
  • Lift your stomach and roll the barbell towards it.
  • Lie down back again pushing the barbell again towards the head.
  • Repeat


This is a whole body exercise as it helps many of our muscles and not abs alone

It involves lifting any form of stationary weights like dumbbells, barbell kept on the ground, holding it for some time and then bending to keep it down.

Pull ups

This exercise also helps multiple muscles.  In its simplest form, grip a stationary bar over your head and raise your entire body above the ground with your arms.  Come down again and repeat.

Since the abdominal muscle gives strength to the upper part of the body and keeps its straight, pull ups help to build muscles in this region.

To summarise, the three way plan of diet control, cardio exercises and abdominal muscle building exercises followed by regular rest is the secret behind getting the perfect six pack ab figure.

Ensure that you follow the healthy route and stay away from steroids and any form of drug abuse.  Keep a calendar marked with the exercises to be done and follow the plan.

Refer to videos or join the gym to get perfect instructions on the correct position of body to avoid any side effects like back injuries, muscle pulls, sprains, etc.  Give your body the respect that it deserves.  Do not push the limits nor back off by getting disheartened.  If you would like a good body building plan then take a look at the Adonis Golden Ratio reviewed here.

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