Increasing Muscle Mass

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Increasing the muscle mass is the first step towards building a handsome physique. In corporate as well as social sphere, an attractive physique plays a crucial role in escalating our chances of success especially in corporate and firms. Body building is therefore becoming a popular trend among adolescents as well as adults. A perfect body isn’t just for eye pleasing. Having an ideal physique is necessary for proper well being and physical health. A person may easily succumb to diseases and various syndromes due to erroneous health habits and poor physique. This may in turn affect a person’s well being as well as confidence level and social health. It has often been observed that people with poor physique are timid, shy and reluctant especially while expressing one’s views or opinions. Stagnant growth may as well hinder the process of mental development and psychological well being of a person. Thus, in this modern era, having an attractive physique is more of a need than want.

Acquiring that robust body is quite a tedious job, and our muscles play a crucial role in developing our body holistically. With the advancement in the field of science and medicine, newer methods to increase the muscle mass are popping up. While some prefer steroids and mass increasing creatine products, others seek natural processes and mechanisms to boost the muscle growth.

Creatine products are becoming increasingly popular among fitness trainers and body builders these days since it yields quicker results. Side by side people are also inculcating natural methods to stimulate muscle growth. The fitness program that one adopts and the routine diet that one follows also have significant roles in developing the muscular strength and muscle mass of a person.

However, even after spending hours of heavy weight training at the gym, the muscle growth isn’t prominent and the results are not up to the mark. At times it could be quite frustrating and tiring. The key to building muscles and stimulating muscle growth lies in the methods employed in a fitness program. Performing an exercise slowly and steadily yields better results, rather than performing it with excessive momentum and vigour. It should be kept in mind that our muscle growth is proportional to the amount of time for which that particular muscle or part of our body is under the state of tension. Increased tension time breaks down muscle fibres thus escalating and stimulating muscular growth. Hence the methodology applied in a fitness program is a decisive factor in increasing muscle mass and muscle density. Performing an exercise with increased momentum may render a physical training useless.

It is necessary to opt for different Adonis Golden Ratio exercises; otherwise the whole program may become monotonous and boring. A human body becomes accustomed to higher stress levels easily. Thus performing an exercise for a prolonged period of time may not prove to be that useful. Hence it is advised to change the number of cycles or repetition performed for a given exercise after every three to four weeks, so that the body can accustom to new stress levels, thus optimising and enhancing your gains.

Making oneself familiar to various training methods is an ideal way to kill boredom and monotonous exercising schedule. Going through a number of different exercises is an innovative method to enhance muscle growth rather than increasing the number of sets to your current exercise.

Staying hydrated is the key to an effective workout schedule. It is advisable to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and dizziness. Sufficient amount of water is required by the body to stimulate growth of muscle tissues. Hence drinking plenty of water is as important as the fitness training itself. Also, one can look forward to protein shakes or other nutrition shakes as an alternative way to consume protein and essential vitamins which are lost during a vigorous workout.

Next time you are hungry, don’t just go for a slice of pizza or a regular ham burger. Our aliment is vital in determining our bone strength and muscle density. Poor diet or erratic dietary habits may hinder with the growth of muscles and in turn the body. Improper diet can as well retard your growth, height and muscle strength. A typical balanced diet should consist of protein, vitamins and fats in appropriate amounts to stimulate the break down and growth of muscle fibres. Ideally a body-building diet should consist of 3 to 4 eggs, plenty of leafy vegetables, milk and white meat rich in protein. One should abstain from junk food and unhealthy diet for quicker and optimum results.

Opt for a heavy meal after vigorous exercise. This adds that extra muscles to your arms and thighs thus increasing your muscle mass. Direct intake of vitamins or simply vitamin supplements will also be quite beneficial for muscular growth and a robust physique, since vitamins and proteins aids growth and preserves one youth.

There aren’t any exercise as good as full body workouts. Full body exercise sheds extra weight, giving you a leaner and slender physique. Such exercises evenly tone your body, also enhancing muscle growth and muscular strength. However, flexibility also plays significant role when it comes to full body exercises and increasing muscle mass. Stretching is perhaps the best known way to increase muscular flexibility and flexibility of joints. Regular stretches helps in warming up of muscles before a workout or training, thus optimising the results of the fitness program and simultaneously lowering the risks of unexpected injuries.

Avoid over training. If you experience chronic fatigue, tiredness, lethargy even after opting for a fitness training program, then you might be overdoing your exercises. These are some basic symptoms of over exertion and over training. Adequate amount of sleep and relaxation is crucial in process of development of one’s physique. Sleep deficiency can lead to wear and tear of muscle fibres and one may not fully gain from routine exercises. Sleep deficiency makes a person irritable and lethargic. One may gain little or less from the usual fitness training. Deficit in sleep may instead lead to unforeseen injuries and may have detrimental repercussions. Thus proper sleep and aliment go hand in hand when it comes to muscle development.

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