Introduction To Gym Equipment

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Many of us do not go to the gym because we are too scared of the equipment. We think we will not be able to cope up. You must not get intimidated by the complicated gym equipment you see when you first go to a gym. You will probably have a gym instructor to tell you how to use all of them. You will probably have a hard time using the equipments for some time. You might even hurt yourself a little bit.

There are instructions written on the equipments sometimes. But even that is not enough. You won’t even understand the jargon used by your gym instructors at first. However, do not panic. It will get better with time. In this article, there is information about all the common gym equipments and terminology.

You can classify the two equipments into two types: free weights and machines. Free weights are those that are not attached to any machine with any pulleys or ropes. You can lift these weights and work with them as you want. Free weights are useful for you to develop your balance while exercising, something that is not possible with machines. The basic free weight equipments are:

Barbells: A barbell is a long iron rod with weight plates attached at the end. You can alter the weights and make them lighter and heavier as you wish. Barbells are to be held with both hands while exercising. Exercises which require a barbell are bench press, barbell rows, barbell deadlift, barbell squat, barbell wrist curl, barbell biceps curl, military press, and many more.

Dumbbells: A dumbbell is a short version of a barbell. Usually, two dumbbells are required for exercising. You will find a rack of dumbbells in your gym, with dumbbells of every weight on them. You will first start with the smaller weights. Exercises that require dumbbells are: bench press, dumbbell fly, biceps curls, squats, and many more.

Benches: Benches are required for other exercises. They may be inclined, declines or straight. Some machines also have attached benches in them for exercising.

Some of the exercising machines are as follows:

Leg press machine: This machine is used to perform the leg press exercise. There is an inclined bench in this exercise. A barbell is attached with a pulley system at the rear end of the machines. You are supposed to sit with your feet near this barbell system. Then you have to push the barbell stand with your feet. This exercise is for your thighs.

Lat pull down machine: This machine is used to perform the lat pull down exercise. It has a bench attached to it. You have to sit on the bench and tuck your thighs under the pads. It has two handles which you have to pull down with your hands. This exercise works on your triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles.

Back/Abdomen extension machine: This machine is used for back and abdomen extensions. It has an inclined bench and two handles. You need to sit on the bench and keep your feet in front. Then hold the handles and push and forward. Then you have to bring them backwards.

If most of the devices requiring weights, you can alter the weight according to your needs. You can move the weight up as you progress.

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