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Getting into the whole bodybuilding world can be a tough and bewildering experience. Deciding you want to build muscle like Arnold Schwarznegger is an entirely different beast compared to actually following through on your decision!

When it comes to bodybuilding and muscle mass increase – the new comer has such a plethora of information he needs to memorize and be thorough on and so many things he needs to keep track of – from various bodybuilding exercises, to muscle increasing diets and supplements, to trying to be dedicated at it for years together.

Just finding a good regimen and diet and supplement pattern that works for you can itself take well over six months to fix itself out! That is a long time to be dedicated to trying to find out simply what works for you, but alas that is the fate of a body builder.

But the thing that can be heavily disheartening is when a body builder has employed all the standard basic techniques and diet combinations and is still not building muscle as much as he wants to be building!

The initial assumption made by a bodybuilder is usually that their chosen regimen and diet is simply not working for them and that they need some other type of regimen.

Sometimes this situation prolongs for very long, as much as even a year and the body builder finds himself having very little gain to show for all the work he has put in and all the things he has tried. And that can be very frustrating indeed and may even lead to a body builder quitting his aspirations, as the efforts are simply not paying out.

But, don’t fear! If you have tried many proven bodybuilding regimens and diets, but are still not showing any good muscle mass increase progress at all, it could simply mean that you are not working out for your body type!

Read on to know about the three basic classification of Adonis Golden Ratio body types and how they relate to bodybuilding!

Body Type Number One: Ectomorphic

This is the skinny guy who can never seem to bulk up! The persons with an ectomorphic body type are all usually skinny and gangly, with very little bulging muscle and mostly having lean, stringy skeletal muscles.

The body builders who have an ectomorphic body type need bodybuilding regimens geared towards the special metabolism for this type of body.

The major characteristics of an ectomorphic body are having a delicate and dainty bone structure. Men and Women who are slender and with lean muscle mass and fast metabolisms usually come under this body type.

In ectomorphic bodies, there is very little fat storage. These kind of people usually have a very fast metabolic rate so they find it hard to put on weight or retain their calories for a longer time. This could be problem in bodybuilding!

Since these ectomorphic body types have such a hard time bulking up, they need even greater amount of calories than the normal body builder to achieve the same state of muscle mass increase. So if you have an ectomorphic body and are not putting on weight or bulking up muscles, it could be because of this – your metabolism is so fast the calories you eat is not enough.

Also, if you are a body builder with an ectomorphic body, your work out regimen needs to be less about prolonging and dragging out each exercise and more about doing short bursts of high intensity exercise.

The Second Body Type: Mesomorphic

A person with a mesomorphic body type has a large everything – large bones, large muscles and large physique overall.

This body type is actually the best to have if your goal is bodybuilding. When you are a mesomorph, you can model your body as you wish according to your bodybuilding needs – you can put on weight if you need to and lose weight, with practicing just the normal exercise regimens.

The mesomorphic body type also comes with natural strength and stamina – that is, people who have this body type are naturally athletic and thus have a very well –defined musculature and muscle and tendon strength naturally!

So, when you include a lot of weight training in a mesomorphic person’s bodybuilding routine, they will see excellent progress in leaps and bounds within just weeks! The mesomorphic body type responds very well to all bodybuilding efforts and is indeed, the ideal body type for muscle mass increase and strength building.

However, there are some drawbacks to having the mesomorphic body type. Just as they easily put on muscles, this body type also easily puts on fat.

The problem most mesomorphic people have when it comes to bodybuilding is optimizing the perfect calorie intake for them to go with their bodybuilding work out regimen.

Eat too little calories and your body does not build muscles that you need. Eat too much and a mesomorph just puts on plain fat instead of muscle. So finding this balance is critical for bodybuilding in mesomorphic people!

Last type: Endomorphic

These are the unfortunate souls who easily put on weight – but it is more likely to be fat than muscle.

For endomorphic body type, the calorie intake should actually be as low as you can let it go, without actively affecting new muscle formation. The endomorphic people have a stocky build with not well defined musculature and so they put on fat weight very easily.

They should be put on a bodybuilding regimen that is equal parts muscle building and fat burning. That is, apart from intensive weight training to bulk up on a lot of muscles, the endomorphic body type should also do a lot of aerobics and cardio exercises, to get rid of and prevent unwanted fat gain!

Most people do not come under just one of the above categories. Normally, nothing about the human body is so black and white! Usually, people have a mixture of two, falling somewhere in the regions between two different body types.

To get the most out of your bodybuilding, you need to get a good idea on where you fall on the body type classification and design a bodybuilding routine accordingly!

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