More To Fat Burning Process Than Walking And Dieting

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It is a fact that in order to burn fat in an effective way you must include certain amount of fat in your daily menu. This is no riddle but a hard scientific fact. We all know that there are different types of fats; some of these are beneficial to our health while some are truly bad. Moreover, fats, to some extent, are vital for our well being. Let us see how.

Fats are essential for our well-being – an overview:

Before we discuss how to lose fat, let us examine how fats help us to lead a better life:

  • Fats store energy for our day to day activities.
  • They also help to maintain our body temperature and protect the body organs from shocks and damages
  • They also promote healthy cell functioning and are the only source for the essential fatty acids.
  • Unlike other vitamins, vitamin A, D, E and K are fat soluble. This means these vitamins can only be used in our body if there are sufficient amount of fats to digest, absorb or transport them.
  • Fats protect us from many diseases by storing toxic materials until such time when the body is ready to throw them out. In general that is done through different processes such as excretion, urination, accidental shedding of blood etc.

Why should we try to burn fat if that is so essential for our well-being?

Therefore, we see that fats are not as villainous as they are made out to. It is when they begin to be stored in excess of the required amount, especially around vital organs such heart, lungs, livers, kidney it begins to cause problems. That is why it is vital to keep a check on the amount of fat that we have in the body and make sure that it never exceeds the required amount. Once fat accumulates in excess amount it is hard to get rid of that.

One should take appropriate action as soon as the excess of fat is noticed. Ideally fat burning regimen must include the right kind of diet as well as the right kind of exercise. Sufficient sleep as well as a stress free life may help to quicken the process. Stress in the day to day life affects metabolism and promotes irregular eating habit; thus it not only hinders fat burning, but also helps to accumulate fresh fats.

The different types of fats:

As we have said in the beginning, that there are different types of fats. Primarily they can be divided into two broad groups; saturated and unsaturated fats. Each carbon atom in the first category is saturated with hydrogen molecules and hence it is called saturated fats. In this type of fat, the tissues can stack themselves in close knit arrangement and remain frozen under normal condition. Animal fats fall in this category. In order to lose fat one has to totally avoid such saturated fats. Trans-isomer fats, more commonly known as Trans fat, is also bad for our health and should be avoided as much as possible.

Contrarily, unsaturated fatty acid such olive oil, linseed oil are good for our health and should be taken in moderation even when we are under a fat burning regimen. They release less energy than the saturated category of fats do and yet protect us from many ill effects of modern day life. In order to burn bad fats, we have to take recommended amount of unsaturated fat.

How to burn fat?

However, taking unsaturated fat is only a minuscule part of the process. Let us now get down to the business seriously and see how we can lose fat and yet remain healthy. When we say lose fat, we do not mean a fat free body; all we are interested in is to eliminate the excess fat that makes us look uncouth and may cause trouble for us in the near future.

If you search through the internet, you may find sites that advocate fifty ways to burn fat. Since time immemorial people have tried to find out effective ways to tackle the problem; some of them have worked for one while others may have found relief in a different method. As a result we now have a sea of wisdom before us and we do not know which channel to take. We will therefore discuss only those factors which majority of experts has accepted as truth.

To burn fat effectively, we must consume fewer calories than we spend. Since fats and carbohydrates are high in calorie, we must regulate their intake. We must also undertake effective cardio vascular exercises such as swimming, walking, jogging, cycling etc so that there is a substantial loss of calories. Moreover, it is essential to build strength. Trying spot reduction will not yield much result unless that is accompanied by controlled diet and effective cardio vascular exercises.

Many experts are of the opinion that changing the sports can contribute to faster fat loss. As you continue with one sport, your body gets used to it. When you change your sport, your body needs to adapt to it and to do that it has to work harder. Consequently, fat burning process is automatically hastened and you sheds pound faster. Therefore, if you have been walking, it is time you resort to swimming or cycling.

It is also necessary to check for diseases such as thyroid. There is no Adonis Golden Ratio way you can lose fat if your ailments contribute to its growth. All you will need to do is to undergo a blood test and if you are diagnosed with it, you will have to take the prescribed medicine and continue with it as long as you live. One word of caution here – please do not change the dose without consulting doctors; that may turn out to be fatal. Neither it is very wise to take slimming pills without the recommendation of doctors. Although some such pills are available over the counter, they may not suit every physical condition.

That does not mean that you cannot try time tested herbal products or homemade remedies. For instance, green tea is said to have fat burning qualities and one can easily have that as many cups as she/he desire with fearing any side effects. Low fat yogurt and cheese too help to burn fat and so does fish. Peanut butter with its rich magnesium content will also do you immense good. In fact, there is no need to starve while you are undergoing a fat burning regimen; there are lots of yummy food staffs that you can take.

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