Muscle Groups and Exercise Types

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How to Go About It: When someone starts to do his exercises, it is essential that he lifts heavier compounds instead of sticking to a particular one. Heavy weights bring out the form requirements and help to improve. Opinions of critics, those in the line for years should be taken after showing them the individual weight lifting videos.

Taking a deload: When the weight lifter feels that he is getting too exhausted and the body sends signals that it cannot withstand continuous exercise regimen, it is time to deload. Deload refers to training with lighter weights, going easy. However, it should be followed after a continuity of several workout periods.

When sick, is it okay to work out?: When the Central Nervous System seems to be stressed out, the body builder should go easy. He may feel that he is unable to lift weights and is getting fatigued. The solution lies in using lighter weights and having lots of water to remain hydrated at all times.

Reducing chances of training injuries: When the body builder puts too much stress on one group of muscles or there is continuous shift from maintaining working out balance of different muscle groups at par, there are chances of injuries.

°Training too much and too frequently,

°Training without right exercising form,

°Not paying heed to your body’s needs.

Using a very high volume of weights can lead to injuries so; the trick is to gradually increase the weights. Chest, shoulder, back, quads along with biceps, triceps, quad, abs, hamstrings and calves should all be included in the body building regimen. And listening to one’s body actually helps. The body builder should be able to distinguish when the body is over worked.

Using pre workout formula: 15-30 minutes before training, the formula should be had by the bodybuilder for adding stamina and concentration. It could be beta-alanine, arginine, and moderate amounts of stimulants like caffeine.

Eating Right and In the Right Portions: Protein , carbohydrates and fats form a macro nutrient wholesome food essential for adding fuel to work outs. Lean meat, fish, chicken, milk, or yogurt as essential proteins; pasta, brown rice, yams, or oats, as carbohydrate food, and lots of water include wholesome foods.

Food intake should be one to three hours before workout. Even after work out care should be taken to consume a carbohydrate-protein and fat rich died to make the body whole again after Adonis Golden Ratio strenuous exercises.

The Final Countdown: When training, care should be taken to keep pauses between exercises, hydrating the body and rest pause training. The aim should be never to over extend the exercising routine and modify the weight pulling according to the safest way possible without causing injury. Spending quality time with one’s family goes a long way towards motivating the mind and keeping it focused and distressed. Drinking green tea adds to the realization of this aim. And 7-8 hours of rest each day is necessary to stay in form for the next day!

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