Myths about Bodybuilding

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In world with more than a billion denizens, only few can comprehend the necessity of having that healthy body. To counter the stresses of our regular lives, the phenomenon of body building is becoming increasingly popular these days. However, it is a wrong notion that body building is all about growing muscles. Body building is the art of attaining that admirable physique, through exercises, calisthenics, weight training, and other physical training. It not only helps us attain high levels of fitness but it also aids our mental and social well being.

Physical fitness training programs can be tiresome and tedious, and so most people look forward to dropping out of the routine fitness schedule. However, it is difficult to achieve that right physique without hard work and determination. If you are looking forward to jump in your nearest gym, then be well prepared to drench in your sweat since gym experience is not easy. Along with a proper fitness program it is also necessary also necessary to indulge your taste buds to be in perfect shape.

Diet plays a crucial role in shaping your physique. Opting for a heavy diet will help you fuel up for your next work out. It is equally necessary that one has a healthy diet with right amounts of vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, each of them in right proportions. A balanced diet not only helps in toning your muscles, but it also suffices your body’s demands for proteins, essential vitamins and minerals which are lost during a workout. It is advisable to have a heavy breakfast so as to keep your bingy full for your routine schedule. A heavy breakfast should be followed be a lighter lunch and a still lighter supper. Eating heavy just before going to bed may hamper your sleep and in turn your processes of recovery from your daily workout. Since rest and relaxation is crucial to preserve and rejuvenate the strength of your muscles, it is therefore, mandatory to have proper sleep to avoid concussions and muscle aches. Aliment is thus a crucial factor in determining your overall health.

Taking proper rest is equally important and sleep deficiency may have detrimental repercussions on your body and primarily on your mental health. One won’t experience any change in muscle mass, as the muscles will breakdown to supply glycogen to the body and especially the brain to compensate for the lack of sleep. In an era where mental stresses have grasped more than a million people and where reports of cardiac arrests are soaring, the difficulty to look forward to an ideal sleeping experience escalates. Sleep deficiency, drains energy and eventually one feels lethargic and dizzy. Essential vitamins and proteins along with minerals are not absorbed by the body, and hence a deficit in slumber can result in secondary deficiencies. During our sleep the brain secretes Human Growth Hormones, which act as a natural body building supplement and is essential for holistic growth of the body. Deficiency can result in severe retardation of growth, both mental and physical and it also hampers our height and result in pour build. Without proper secretion of Human growth hormone, it would be difficult to optimise the gains, from your fitness training. An ideal sleeping experience is therefore necessary, and come on who wouldn’t look forward to a warm nap?

Fitness training does its share of building your muscles and strengthening your bones and skeletal system. It is paramount to relieve daily stresses and workload pressure, and often it has been seen that people turn to intoxications and various other illicit habits. But the true story behind intoxications is they end up escalating the damages caused to our body by external factors. Alcohols, drugs and cigarettes can have detrimental consequences on your health as well as your well being, rendering the fitness training useless. It only aggravates the stress factor, in turn decreasing libido, lactic acid tolerance of the muscles, overall well being and can devastate your social as well as personal life. Hence leading a discipline life is of utmost significance.

Opting for a protein rich diet like in Adonis Golden Ratio may prove to be extremely helpful as it may aid your muscle gains, thus optimising your gains from the fitness training program. Protein shakes are good alternatives to eggs and milk. Professional weight lifters often consume two to three times the protein of their normal protein rich diet, through protein shakes. Proteins increase the muscular strength without primarily increasing your weight, giving a tough as well as slender body. It is advisable to not to rely on protein shakes, as their advertisements are a bit exaggerated and in reality, there no more than 2-3 kilograms of muscle gain.

During the training session, focus on the muscles which are worked. The mind body connection plays a vital role in increasing your gains from the training program. Most people lack the mind body connection, thus minimal results are attained. Frustrated they end up leaving the fitness training. Hence be cautious and well aware while training.

Opt for a dynamic work out. It is aptly said that change is inevitable. Perform similar exercises day by day for weeks can trigger boredom and ill will. This shouldn’t happen as negativity will lesser or negligible results, in turn ruining your training. Change the workout schedule after a week or two to avoid boredom. To maximise the gains it is necessary to have a positive mental attitude while training. Boredom may kill your motivation and you may not feel like attending the next few training sessions. Dropping out of the training session, is seriously a bad idea, as sudden leaving your routine training program may as well escalate your weight and deplete your fitness levels. Your abs may turn into a round belly, which is obviously quite undesirable.

Last but definitely not the least is increased intake of water. Staying hydrated is necessary for enhancing your gains from the fitness training. Dehydration can result in severe concussions, and one may even faint during the next work out session. Water replenishes the essential minerals and vitamins lost during a practice session. Lack of water can severely damage your physiological processes and risk your health. Next time you jump into a workout session, do not forget to bring a pack of fully filled water bottles with you.

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