Power Lifting

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Powerlifting is quite similar to traditional weight lifting. The difference is that there are just three basic lifts, namely, squat, bench press, and deadlift. You have to try to lift the maximum lift in these three lifts. In Olympic weightlifting, there are only three attempts to lift the maximum amount of weight possible.

You can use supportive gear to help you with lifting weights. These include waist belts, ankle weights and many more. You can also practice powerlifting without the use of any supporting equipment. This type of powerlifting is called unequipped or raw. First of all, let us take a close look at the main lifts of powerlifting:

  1. Squat: You have to start by standing straight. Take the barbell and put it behind your head. Keep it resting on your shoulders for a while. With the barbell on your back, bend your knees and assume a squatting position. Slowly raise yourself back up and put the weight down safely.
  2. Bench press: you have to first be in a seated position with your back straight and barbell in your hands. Now lie down without lifting your feet of the floor. Keep the barbell near your chest. Without locking your elbows, lift the barbell to full distance. Now slowly pull it back.
  3. Deadlift: In this lift, you have to lift a barbell off the floor and hold it still for some time. Slowly return it back to the floor.

For practicing Adonis Golden Ratio, you can do other lifts as well. These lifts may not be the core, but will help you in developing the same muscles that are used in them. Here are few lifts that you can use to train yourself for more effective powerlifting:

  1. Front squat: This is a slight variation of the back squat. You have to rest the barbell in front of yourself. You have to rest it on your collar bones. Now slowly get into the squatting position. Hold it for some time, and then get up to the original position. You have to repeat this 10-15 times.
  2. Bridge: This exercise will tone your lower back and hip muscles. Lie down on the floor with your arms at your side. Keep your knees bent. Now, engage your stomach muscles and try to lift your behind off the floor. Make sure that your thighs are parallel while performing this exercise. Hold this position for some time and take 5-7 deep breaths. Now, relax and get back to the original position.
  3. Triceps push down: This exercise requires a cable pulley machine. You have to hold the levers, and then slowly pull them down until your arms are aligned with your body. Now return the cables to their original position. Do 12-15 repetitions of this exercise.
  4. Hyperextensions: Lie down on your stomach on the hyperextension bench. Cross your arms and keep them near your chest. Bend your upper body 90 degrees. Do not change the position of your legs while bending. Now slowly get yourself back into the original position. Repeat this exercise for 10-12 times.
  5. Seated calf raise: Sit down on the bench with a dumbbell on each thigh. Place your toes on an elevated platform. Now slowly raise your heels till you feel a stretch in your calves. Hold this position for some time and then release. Do at least 15 repetitions.

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