Pre-workout Eating Matters

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Quite apart from giving your all into your bodybuilding efforts and eating very precisely planned diet meals to hit the required amount of calories and protein for optimal muscle building, there are some supplements you need to take pre- workout to make sure you have the tolerance and endurance to keep at it!

By endurance, we talk about how much you are able to do in a body building work out and for how long. Endurance builds naturally with time. The novice body builder will have next to no endurance at all while the seasoned and well –experienced body builder will have a great endurance that lets him go on for as much as a couple hours of heavy intensity training.

This is almost all to do with muscle mass increase and strength building, that comes part and parcel of your body building efforts. The more you train and the longer you train for, builds excellent strength and stamina to your muscles and as a result you can lift more weights and do more reps, can train harder with higher intensity for longer time, and keep building more muscle as a result.

Sure, this is a quality that comes with time and long years of dedicated efforts. But, even for the novice, there are some pre-workout supplements which you can take to boost up your capacity a little, and allow you to endure a little bit more for a little bit longer.

Let’s take a look at some of these excellent pre-workout Adonis Golden Ratio supplements which do just that!

The two main categories: Amino Acids and Antioxidants

These pre-work out supplements that act as a wonder drug to boost up endurance tremendously can be split into two main categories. Number one, amino acids. And the other is anti oxidants.

When it comes to amino acids, many amino acids act as an intermediate or catalyst in body energy metabolism. That is, they act as the ‘booster’ for many energy forming processes in our body cells, especially in the muscle cells.

Normally, we get these amino acids through our diet. Whatever food you eat has a multitude of amino acids in it. These foods get broken down by digestion and the amino acids are then shipped off to various places where the energy process is needed.

So, when you are doing your work out and need energy, the food that got broken down into amino acids comes to your muscle cells and does its job there, giving you a boost up in energy. Nothing is as efficient as the body energy machinery.

And when you pop in a few pre-work out amino acid supplements what you essentially do is speed up this process a little and make it easier and smoother for your body.

Instead of going to all the trouble of breaking down all the protein in your food, scavenging for the amino acids you need, shipping it off to the muscle cells to help them out, and so on and so forth, the body gets a ready made source of the amino acids needed for body building energy requirements!

Antioxidants work in a similar way.

No matter what level of body builder you are, you would have certainly heard of anti oxidants and their supposed miracle properties to maintain overall body health and beauty.

To some extent, this is true! Anti oxidants are the ‘detox’ police of the cell. Just like you take a few weeks away from your city life to go breathe some air in the mountains or rejuvenate by the countryside, anti oxidants do a similar role in the cells.

When the cell has a good balanced cocktail of anti oxidants, it is able to get rid of materials it doesn’t want – like carbon di oxide, toxic radicals called free radicals which are charged molecules without purpose roaming inside a cell. So anti oxidants help to get rid of these potentially harmful chemical materials from the cell. In short, anti oxidants are the recharging, toxicity reducing pumps of the cell.

So what do they have to do with increasing your tolerance and endurance in heavy intensity and high stress body building exercise regimes?

The answer is: quite a lot!

Anti oxidants can be loosely even called ‘Protectors of muscle’. As said above, anti oxidants get rid of the roaming, useless ‘free radicals’ present in our cells by neutralizing them.

When you work out at high intensity and exert your body a lot during the course of your body building regime, your muscle cells take a lot of heavy pounding. So, in order to scramble and make themselves rise up to the challenge, the muscles in turn start demanding and using up more and more oxygen.

This large scale taking in and using up of oxygen over the course of your body building regimen leads to the production of tons of free radicals in your muscle cells.

Over time, when you have been working out on your body building regimen for well over an hour or so, your muscles become clogged up, to put it simply, due to the sheer amount of unwanted radicals getting accumulated in the cells every minute.

Net result, you will find that your muscles start aching and feeling strained and weak after about an hour of heavy intensity, rigorous body building.

Anti oxidants try to balance out this problem and detox the cell to normal chemical levels, but there is only so fast and so much they can do when present in normal quantities in the unsupplemented body.

This is why taking antioxidant supplements pre-workout helps to increase the body endurance to muscle mass increase and heavy duty exercise regimens tremendously.

When you take antioxidant supplements before a work out, your body assimilates it and is provided with a constant and heavy stream of rich antioxidant source for a reasonable period of time, even when you are doing heavy intensity body building. Hence, this anti oxidants get used up and in turn help your muscles to endure for a longer period of time.

Thus, taking antioxidant and amino acid supplements before your bodybuilding work out is an excellent move to get the most muscle mass increase out of your body building!

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