Program to Beat The Fat and Build Muscles

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Chalk out the fitness schedule before you start off.

Monday- Workout the triceps

Tuesday – For back and biceps

Wednesday – Devote to rest

Thursday- Workout for Shoulders

Friday – Look after those legs

Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – Rest day

Rest days can be devoted towards other exercise activities like cycling, jogging and other sport activities. Workouts for 1 and 2 are to be continued for 75 to 90 minutes, whereas for serial numbers, 3 and 4, the exercises can be completed within 60 minutes. You need not follow the above exercise plan exactly but can modify the sessions on some other days. This is just a small focus on how the exercise regimen may be planned out.

Ways to burn fat:

The amount of fat burned depends on the activity level and diet of the individual. On treadmills it is mentioned a fat burning zone, denoting the use of speed to make you walk faster to use up your body’s fat content. Walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes burns 108 calories of fat, running sheds 120 calories of fat. The amount of energy you spend determines the amount of fat shed.

The “afterburn “ is a term denoting the amount of energy spent even after you have stopped exercising. Actually your metabolism receives a boost and you go on burning calories even after you have stopped exercising. Excess Post Exercise Oxygen consumption or EPOC is the term denoting this very Adonis Golden Ratio activity which occurs without being aware of it.

Strength Training:

It helps in muscle activity, better shape, density of bone, general fitness, and muscle elasticity. It however has to be added with various other aerobic and cardio exercises which cater to increased heart and lung function.

Best ways to result in fat loss:

Increase muscle and weight training, for extra muscles can help to burn more energy. Extra muscle also burns more fat during activities. Weight training exercises should be followed with vigour with repetitions kept at low to medium scale of 8-12 RM. RM stands for Repetition Maximum.

Cardio exercises should be added to aerobic exercises, and group cycle spin classes help a lot.

Fat Burning Strength and Cardio Circuit:

This is an advanced stage of weight training and one should get checkups with doctor before starting with these exercises to prevent injury. For a beginner with two to three months training behind him, could start with Beginner / Intermediate Circuit.

Equipments For Weight Training:

Dumbbells of different weights,

Resistance band,

Step or bench,

Exercise ball,

A mat.

Step ups, splint squats, plank with leg lift, followed by high intensity cardio. Then again repeat the circuit. This is to be followed by circuit 2, with Push ups with ball, Overhead press, crunches with ball, followed by three minute high intensity cardio.

Circuit 3: Bent knee dead lifts, barbell rows, ball pikes followed by cardio. Circuit 4 to be pursued with incline bicep curls, triceps dips, and knee tucks, and again, followed by 3 minutes cardio.

Taking these various activities one has to think for good exercising shoes, proper treadmills with good motor function and the choice of weights to begin on a journey to recovery and betterment of health.

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