Sport of Female Bodybuilding

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Since bodybuilding has emerged as a form of sport, trends can testify the fact that men have been most actively participating in the act of bodybuilding and muscle showcasing. Women have always been thought of as beings with slender bodies, who are supposed to carry themselves gracefully, and participate in arts like painting, singing, dancing and so on. Basically, female bodybuilding has never reached the peaks of popularity the way male bodybuilding has. This fact carries a vast background – of myths and misconceptions, of women being thought of as weaklings, of bodybuilding being inappropriate for a women’s body etcetera.

This article gives you an overview of what exactly female bodybuilding is, what kind of myths and misconceptions have been buzzing around in the society about the same and why you should support female bodybuilding.

Let me start off by listing and clearing the most infamous myths and misconceptions of all time about female bodybuilding.

  1. I’m going to end up looking like Hulk. This is a myth because you won’t, and it is as simple as that. You might develop a Hulk-like strength, but you won’t develop muscles that might make you look like a man. Lifting weights is not the ONLY factor responsible to build a bulky body; hormones play a very important role too. Testosterone is the primary hormone that helps men to gain those hefty muscles, and female bodies don’t produce testosterone in amounts that might make them look like men. Unless you inject these hormones externally, you’ll continue to look like the Barbie doll you are. Or well, a little blown up Barbie doll.
  2. My muscles will convert to fats if I stop working out. Yeah, that’ll happen when platinum starts turning into gold. When you lift weights and work out, your muscle fibers expand and when you stop working, they simply contract. There is no inter-conversion of muscle and fat fibers because that’ll be like, magic! But, if you also give up on your healthy diet and start consuming a lot of junk food, you might end up gaining fats and your once perfectly toned body will start looking flabby. What you should realize is that these are two DIFFERENT processes and just because they might happen simultaneously doesn’t mean there is a conversion going on.
  3. If I’m going to keep on “grazing”, I’ll turn fat. You only turn fat when you take in more calories than you lose i.e. when your body has a surplus amount of calories. It really doesn’t matter how many meals you eat, what matters is how many calories you take in. If you keep eating small meals and still if your calorie intake isn’t that high, you won’t gain weight.
  4. Since I don’t want a manly, hefty body, I don’t need supplements. Yes, you don’t. If and only if you are eating a properly balanced diet with high proteins and taking your regular six meals at correct intervals. Now, since you are a busy lady, I’m sure you are erring at this moment. It is harmless to swallow a few multivitamins to ensure you get your regular supply of vitamins and minerals that your body requires to maintain itself.

So, here I’ve crossed out all the wrong reasons to not support female bodybuilding. But, it’ll only be fair if I give you the right reasons to support it. Often female bodybuilders are made fun of because they carry a more muscled body as compared to the men who don’t work out at all. They are perceived as ugly, or unattractive, and are not respected for the womanly soul they still carry inside their built-up bodies. Here, I’m going to tell you why exactly you should support the art of female bodybuilding.

  1. It isn’t as easy for them as it is for men. It is a fact that men can build a bulkier body if they work out as much as women do. This implies that, if a woman follows the same workout regime as a man does, the woman won’t be able to build a body as hefty as the man will be able to. This is because a woman’s body is not designed to carry a lot of mass. Plus, she lacks the presence of a heavy amount of testosterone. And honestly, steroids don’t work like magic.
  2. Alright, so you are bodybuilders and you have to look huge. But, you simply can’t ignore the “female” prefix. Before you conclude that it is really easy for a female to build a body and participate in competitions, you should probably go and check out the IFBB regulations for female bodybuilding. It is stated that they should be bulky, but not so bulky that they put the male bodybuilders to shame. They are still expected to carry a feminine physique, be graceful, look pretty, do makeup AND lift weights. Phew, that’s a long to-do list for the female bodybuilders, isn’t it?
  3. It takes them more efforts to lose body fats than men. The female body has been designed to hold more body fat than the male body. A man’s body uses up the fats more efficiently but a woman has to actually fight her body to get rid of all that fat. Some studies show that oestrogen makes it even more difficult for the ladies to lose fat. So, the next time she tells you she is burning a lot of fat, don’t go all “So? Big deal?!” Instead, try to gape. A little. She’s still a female, you see, she can do away with a little complimenting.
  4. They are less appreciated and a lot less acceptable. The society believes that bodybuilding is THE MEN’S THING. So, it is purely unethical for a woman to go about lifting weights and building muscles. And if she’s doing so, she’ll be mocked at how “manly” she’s becoming. When a woman chooses the path of bodybuilding, she does so even after knowing that she’ll be ridiculed. She goes against all odds just to fulfill her passion. Respect her for that.
  5. They are bringing about THE CHANGE the world needs. For all those who think women can’t be as strong as men, spoiler alert. Here come the female Adonis Golden Ratio bodybuilders, who can lift as huge weights as the men can, who can beat them down and show the world that hey, it doesn’t matter what bodies we were born with, we can still be what we want to be.

The next time you see a female bodybuilder walking down the lane, run up to her, shake hands with her and tell her you’re proud of her. You’ll see how beautiful it is when you see a strong woman smile because she’s finally getting the respect she deserves.

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