The 5 Ws of Bodybuilding – All Your Doubts Unravelled

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Ever imagined while watching the Terminator flicks what it takes to build awe inspiring well sculpted body like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s? Well, let us embark on this journey then to unravel all the mystery about “Bodybuilding”.

What is bodybuilding?

In simple words bodybuilding is achieving a proportional muscular body through a well planned series of regular exercises and nutrition plan such as those presented in the Adonis Golden Ratio.   It can be done with the intention of becoming a professional bodybuilder or as a means to do exercise with an absolute wonderful body as the end result.

Bodybuilding involves maintaining a strict schedule and is not for the weak minded.  Having a positive mind is the key to success.  It leads to a fitter, healthier, confident and disciplined lifestyle.  A bodybuilder is often looked upon in the society as a “hero” by many as he/she represents achieving success through hard work and dedication.

Body building can be summarized as 3 step process:

  • Muscle building through weight training exercises like cycling, weight lifting with dumbbells and weight plates
    • Exercise to build muscle and lose fat.  This will help to get that perfect abs.
    • During exercise repetition of a step is called “rep”.  A series of rep is called a “set”.  Depending on your capacity and plan you need to increase or decrease reps in your set during daily workouts.  This allows your body to adapt well to the workouts.
    • Maintain correct posture while exercising to avoid damage to back, muscles, joints, etc.
    • Ensure that you do not directly jump to heavy weights.  Start little by little till your body gets comfortable.
    • Keep changing your exercise often instead of sticking to one.
    • Stay active even on the days when you are not exercising.  Take the stairs, go out for a walk, stretch out yourselves, etc.  It is a myth that exercising is needed daily.  Two days of exercise followed by one day of rest is the ideal way for building muscles.
    • Intake of a planned nutritional diet of fats, proteins and carbohydrates as advised by your dietician/trainer
      • First rule is to never skip your breakfast.
      • Usual diet advised for beginners comprises of fresh vegetable salads, protein shakes, eggs, chicken, brown rice, tuna and lots and lots of water (while sweating instead of plain water juices help).
      •  Instead of eating 3 meals a day, you will be advised to break it up into 5-6 small meals per day.
      • Rigorous training causes the loss of body vitamins and minerals.  If the diet doesn’t replenish all the lost vitamins back, it’s recommended to take multivitamin supplements.
      • Understanding the body’s limits and giving it ample rest in between the exercise regimen to avoid wear and tear
        • Work out with your nutritionist for pre and post workout eating plans to give the much needed energy to your burnt muscles.
        • Minimum 6 hours of sleep is a must for everyone and do not let any party plans get into its way.
        • Avoid any stress in your life as it directly impacts your health.

When did it start?

Our folklore’s are full of stories about Greek gods like Atlas lifting the earth with Atlas depicted as a muscular man.  Roman gladiators too are another example of early body builders.  Over the time, bodybuilding was taken up as a profession with the first professional body builder being recorded as Eugen Sandow in the 19th century.

Today, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) is the internationally recognised organization for competitive bodybuilders.  It organises various competitions like the most popular annual Mr Olympia contest for professional bodybuilders.  World famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the contestants in this competition.  You can get loads of news about bodybuilding from its website.

Who should take up bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding can be taken up at amateur or professional levels.  It is not restricted to males alone.   There are many professional lady body builders too.

Professional body builders get monetary gains by participating in contests, posing their biceps in public, film appearances, ribbon cutting ceremonies, etc.  Amateur bodybuilders don’t have the pressure of public glare like professional ones but are the envy of all due to their perfectly toned body.

But be it professional or amateur, a person aiming to be a bodybuilder should have a strong will power.  Chalk out your plan well and be ready to give 200% for each workout.  Achieving a perfect ten body is not a one day’s job.  It involves a lifetime of time investment on your part.

Do not get misled by the various “before and after” advertisements of various gyms and health spas.  Going to gym alone is not going to help you unless you appreciate your body’s limits and needs and customise your workouts accordingly.  It is all about mental as well as physical stamina as you need to push yourself to the limits.  It should become a part of your lifestyle.

Why should bodybuilding be taken seriously?

Bodybuilding is not merely for showing off.  It involves lots of hard work and if not done within limits it can cause physical as well as mental strain.  If you stick to your workout, diet and rest plan, the end result will surely be excellent.

If you are not seeing desired results as per your scheduled plan, don’t get disheartened.  Check out with your trainers, read books, find out more over the net.  Each body is different, its needs are different.  Review your diet and workout plans and re plan to make them more effective.

Where can I get tips on bodybuilding?

Tips are always best when they come straight from the horse’s mouth.  Read out books by real life bodybuilders.  Internet is full of videos, products related to body building.

Always go for natural bodybuilding in the best interests of your health.  Stay away from steroids and drugs for a better future.  As mentioned earlier too, body building is not merely as a pastime or show off.  So before treading towards the shortcut path, remember that there are is shortcut to success.

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