The Middle Path To Burn Fat And Remain Healthy

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If you want to lose fat different people may give you different ideas. If you analyze them you will find that all these different approaches are based on the same basic principle; you just have to make sure that the calories you consume are far less than the amount you spend. Let us next see how calorie control helps us to have a flab less body.

A few words about calorie management:

We all know that the fats in our body act as the storehouse of energy. When there is a shortfall in the energy level, it literally burns itself to release the required energy. Therefore, to have a fat free body we need to make sure that there is a wide gap between calorie consumed and calorie spent. It is as simple as that.

Now the question is how do we create such a gap? There are several ways to do that:

  • We can control our diet in such that the calorie consumed is far less than the calorie spent.
  • We can also undertake intensive workouts and make sure that the calorie we spend is much higher than the calorie consumed.
  • There is also a middle path that involves moderate diet control accompanied by moderate physical exercise.

While all these paths may ultimately lead to a fat free body, some of them may have unpleasant side effects. Undergoing intensive diet control regimen without proper supervision may cause untold damage to the health. Too much of intensive physical exercises may also have negative impact on our general wellbeing, That is why, if you are trying to burn fat on your own without direct supervision of experts, you may as well take up the middle path.

Medications that help to lose fat in a painless way:

The middle path that we are talking about may take a longer time to burn the desired amount of fat, but if you want to burn fat and look glamorous in a safe manner, there is no other way you can take. Today, different types of slimming aids have been invented. Medications that help to lose fat in a painless way are being advertised in different channels. Some of them are prescription drugs while some are over-the-counter medicines. Yet, all of them have serious side effects and none are meant for casual consumption.

It is true that a few brands of such slimming drugs have been approved by FDA and are meant for long time use, but their side effects have not been fully explored. Moreover, such drugs are meant for treating extreme obese cases and one should not use them without doctor’s advice. However, there is no harm in trying age old home remedies. For example, consuming four or five cups of green tea is said to burn fat in a safe and natural way.

Do not starve – it leads to slower metabolism and increased fat accumulation:

Many also resorts to such a strict diet control that they almost starve themselves out. In the process, what they lose is their muscles, not fat. If you eat too little, the body does not burn fat; contrarily, it tries to hold on to the stored energy by slowing down the metabolism. If the process continues, it burns the muscle tissue for energy. When that happens, the visceral fats from deep within come forward to take over the space. As a result one is left with a flabby body that seems to be made only out of fat.

What to eat while on a diet:

That is why it is important that we eat properly. It is true that to lose fat one should cut down on carbohydrates and consume only polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats; but the diet as a whole should contain all the nutrients that any normal human body requires. It is only that one has to take note of the calorie consumed and has to avoid high calorie food that has very little nutrient in it.

Workouts that help to burn fats without causing body damage:

As we all know that to burn fat we need to burn calories and workouts help in that. If you go through the internet you will find that most websites advocate muscle building exercises as a part of fat burning regimen. It is true that well built bodies burn calories faster and the process continues to work even the body is at rest; but building muscles is not every body’s cup of tea. If you can bring yourself to do that, it is all very well; but if you cannot, there is nothing to despair. There are other ways of losing fat.

Skating for instance is a very good exercise, especially if you want to reduce abdominal fat. Thirty minutes of skating at a strong and steady pace can burn 425 calories and you have a wonderful time in the bargain. You can also alternate sixty second’s of hard skating with sixty seconds of medium strokes. The later technique is known as HIIT or High Intensity Intervals; it is said to burn fat at a faster rate.

Running is also a good way to stay in shape. You should know that, abdomen, butt and legs are the primary places where fat accumulates. Running affects all these muscles. To get the best results, remain erect while running and swing your hands close to your body. Jumping the ropes too is a good way to burn fat. Professional Adonis Golden Ratio boxers use this technique to keep fit. For the best results, jump with your feet slightly apart and body erect. Also remember to keep the jumps low.

Another fun way to burn fat is to use the hula hoop. All you need to do is to choose the right size and start rotating it around your waist. Do not worry even if fail in the beginning; you will still be burning major amount of calories. Dancing in fast pace can also burn 221 calories in just half an hour. One just has to choose the song right. Games such as tennis is also a fat blaster, it can burn 272 calories in thirty minutes. Never mind if you cannot find a partner, institute a wall in his/her place and keep on playing solo. After all, your aim is just to lose fat, isn’t it?

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