The Right Fitness for Men Only

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Do you find it weird how women can spend hours talking about the food they eat, the clothes they buy, and the exercise they’ve been doing? Here’s the thing: men’s and women’s brains are hardwired to think in a specific way. You may not care for the foods you eat as much as women do, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want an attractive body. However, you cannot get the body you want without working for it. Here are some tips to help you achieve fitness for men only:

The Right Fitness for Men Only
  • Be more active. Women will find you interesting if you are active. They want to see men who are not scared to participate in certain activities. A man who can be at ease in a social scene has confidence that turns on a woman.
  • Exercise regularly. From the numerous examples, you see this is true.  It’s time to hit the gym and get rid of your beer belly. Instead of having that unattractive bulge, get ripped and have abs to show off. Once your body starts to look better, you can wear better clothes that make you look good and more attractive.
  • Aim for the ideal body shape. Men look better to women when their body follows the Adonis ratio. The ratio takes into consideration your shoulders and waist. The shoulders should be broader than the waist and have a ratio of 1.618.
  • Eat a balanced diet. You will not get fit without changing your eating habits. Get rid of all those fattening beers and drink more wine to help in fat burning. Eat proteins so you won’t get hungry easily. After workout, eat snacks that are rich in carbohydrates to encourage your body to metabolize.

Being fit is something that both men and women should consider important. If you really want to be noticed, you have to put in some effort to it. Start striving for that fit body and get any girl you want in no time.