Tips for Weightlifting

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Wieghtlifting increases your strength and helps build muscles. It can also keep up your youthful look. These are the reasons why more and more people are turning towards weightlifting. But there still are doubts about the right way to do it so that your muscles become toned faster.

So here is the strategy to start with your weightlifting program. All of the fitness enthusiasts should keep in mind that there must be a schedule for weightlifting. And developing a simple weightlifting program is as simple as A,B,C.

Following the given simple steps will lead you to stronger muscle, bone and an attractive physique. It will also kill the fat in your body.

Step 1: List down your goals: As per the greatest motivational speakers and writers the key to achieving anything is to first list down the goals. Take pen and a paper, think and write them down. And be specific here so that you exactly know what to go for. Visualization is a good exercise where it better helps an individual to reach to his goals.

Step 2: Visit a doctor: The doctor will enable you to understand what exercises you should take up and what not. You may also consider modifying certain harmful exercises because of the harm it may cause. You must also discuss your exercise program with your doctor. They might tell you things you never knew.

Step 3: Design the program: once again sit down with your pen and paper. Begin to outline the exact program you will follow.

Step 4: Determine previously: You would now like to determine the number of sets of exercises you would be doing. You should only be doing a maximum of two sets of weight per body part. According to your goals you may choose to strength train with low weight or heavy weight.

Step 5: Take enough rest: And another thing for your goals is that you must not forget to include enough rest-days between working out. This should also be sketched in your program outline prior to your first workout.

Step 6: Choose your rep style: According to your goals, choose between low reps with heavy weight and high reps with less weight.

Step 7: Speed: There is still another thing to remember, which is the speed at which you do the reps. With speed, you will be able to decide what is working. Ensure that your muscle is at work and not the external force. It is always recommended to use a two second positive, and a four second negative cadence.

Step 8: Timing: There is one more point you have to consider. It is about what time of the day you will be training. If you have the weight, night is also the right time.

Step 9: Consistency is the key: Another point is about Adonis Golden Ratio consistency. Most people find it difficult to remain consistent till they achieve what they wanted to. Stick to the schedule you had prepared. And monitor your progress in frequent intervals. It also functions to motivate you to move towards your goals.

By following the above tips you will be able to design a result giving weightlifting routine.

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