Want Your Own Fully Equipped Home Gym For Bodybuilding?

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It is all well and good for professional and fully focused body builders to commute to and from a gym twice a day for six days a week.

But what about those who are juggling nine to five jobs and running their personal and social life to boot, who want to start out on a good body building program and reach a great muscle mass?

If they are one of the lucky few to have a fully equipped and well set up gym right around the block, then hey good for them.  But most of us aren’t that lucky.  So there starts a small inkling of what you would like to do – setting up your own home gym for body building sounds pretty awesome.

Read on to know if it’s the option for you and further to learn what exactly such a home gym would need!

First question first – do you need a body building gym at home?

If you have just started out on a body building regime and are barely a couple months into the whole muscle mass increase work out and diet – then the answer to the question is mostly a big, fat no.

If you are a beginner or a novice in the whole body building arena, if you have only just started out, tough luck, but you need to go to a gym every day.  You just have to work it out and arrange it so that you can go to the body building gym at least once every day and make a training program according to that.

Why this inconvenience for a novice? Well, first of all, at this stage of body building work out, you need regular supervision from a professionally qualified weight trainer and a body building expert.  Any and all legit gyms will have them, and they will be able to teach you the proper physical forms and postures to ensure that not only do you get the most out of your body building regimen, but also that you do not inadvertently or mistakenly harm yourself and give yourself muscle soreness and tears or sprains.

So for a beginner, the gym is pretty much the only option!

Setting up your own home gym for body building is a great option for those who have already been on the Adonis Golden Ratio muscle building program for over a year.  Whether you are an intermediate work out body builder, who has been training for only a year, or an advanced body builder with several years of muscle mass building in your pocket, a home gym is not a bad idea for you!

For the intermediate, you already know the basics.  Just ensure with your last trainer on the work out regimen to keep following and set up your own home gym.  Work out anytime you find from the comfort of home.

For the advanced trainer, there’s no problem at all.  You are an old hat in the proceedings, you just need to get the equipments you like best and you are good to go.

Now comes – what equipments will you need?

You are definitely going to need a Super bench.  A super bench is what you call the flat cushioned surface on which you lie down to do bench presses.  This is the most standard and basic necessity for any weight training and body building gym set up.

The Super bench comes in many sizes.  Find the size that best fits your body so you are not uncomfortable when lying down before buying! Also, important to note is the weight capacity of the super bench.  They usually come at 1000 pound weight maximum capacity.  This is more than sufficient for your home gym needs.  Plus, the Super bench also comes with adjustable back rests.  You can get inventive and try different types of weight lifting with a Super bench!

Next is of course the weight lifting rods and discs.  To give them their proper names, they are called ‘barbells’ and ‘weight plates’.  The barbells need to be highly enforced and high quality metal.  Again, check the capacity of the barbell rod.  Typical is once again 1000 pound weight capacity.  That will do great.  Just make very sure that the barbell you purchase is from a highly reputed manufacturer.

As for the weight plates, the normal basic weight plates come in five pound weight, ten pound weight and two and a half pound weight plates.  The advanced or ‘Olympic’ weight plates come in forty five pound weight, twenty five pound weight and ten pound weight plates.

You are going to need multiples of each different type of weight plates as they are what you use to load up the barbell to give different weight lifting strains.  Usually the gym equipment store will sell the weights in certain paired ‘packages’.  It is best to simply buy a whole package of the weights.

Sumo rack is the final easy home gym equipment necessary to do most of the basic body building exercises.  The sumo rack many adjustable holes on which you can increase and reduce the height of the rack to do exercises on.  This is the best instrument for doing squats and body lifting exercises.

Squats are the best for all lower body muscle development and body lifting and rotating exercising routines really help in greater muscle mass increase of shoulder and back muscles.  So a sumo rack is a definite in your home gym.

These are the three mainstays you need for most of your body building needs.  There are other additions one can make, like dumbbells and leg press exercise machines and so on.  But these three would help to carry out almost all your body building routines!

And finally – how deep do you have to dig in your pocket?

To get all of the above mentioned equipments and a few additional ones according to your own needs, you are going to need a minimum of at least $1000.  A thousand dollars is the bare minimum you will need to furnish your own home gym.

If you want to get a few more equipments, the average cost for body building and weight training gym equipments is usually between around $200 and $500 each.  So plan accordingly and you can have your very own body building gym at home!

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