Warming Up

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A warm up is necessary before any workout session. It prepares your body and mind for the upcoming increase in the level of physical activity. Warming up also decreases the risk of injuries while exercising. If you exercise without warming up, you are more prone to muscle pulls, cramps, severe damage to muscles, fractures, and joint dislocations.

Warm up increases blood supply to the muscles making them flexible. As a result of this, the muscle temperature also increases. You will find it easier to lift weights when you’re all warmed up. Warming up also releases adrenaline, which makes exercising even more enjoyable. Your body temperature will also increase.

You will find that it is easier to move your limbs after warming up. If you are going to play some specific sport after warming up, you coach may teach you a specialized warm up which will help you in performing better. Warming up will also increase the oxygen intake of your body, making you less prone to dizziness or fainting while doing an exercise.

Here are a few exercises you can do that will serve as a good Adonis Golden Ratio warm up for you:

Jogging: Whether you are doing it outdoors or on a treadmill, cardio is always the most preferable option for a warm up. You can run, jog or even take a light walk. Running outdoors will help you get plenty of air. You should jog for at least 20-30 minutes before commencing exercise.

Cycling: There are several equipment in the gym which simulate the cycling motion. This can also serve as a very good warm up. You can even hit the traditional cycle.

Rope Jumping: You can jump a rope for 10 minutes to warm yourself up. You can slowly increase the time and intensity of the exercise.

Stretching: doing a few stretched before exercising will increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. You should always spend a few minutes on the treadmill before stretching.

You can rotate both your ankles couple of times. You can rotate your trunk. You should also do the basic neck and shoulder stretches. You can also do some of the more difficult stretches like bending to touch your feet. Push-ups are also a good stretch.

Yoga: Yoga is considered to be a great warm up. You can do the deep breathing exercises and the few basic stretches to get yourself mentally and physically prepared.

Swimming: Swimming can also be an excellent warm up if you have access to a swimming pool. We have all experienced muscle relaxation while swimming. Swimming in itself is a wonderful exercise and can be combined with weight lifting to make it even better.

Cooling down after an exercise is just as important as warming up. After exercising, your body is still all warmed up and your pulse is still high. You will still feel amped. Warming up is using only 70% of your total potential. However, while exercising, you use almost a 100%. It is important that you do an exercise of less intensity after working out heavily. This will bring your body functions back to normal. Cooling down can be as simple and talking a slow walk.

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