Weightlifting Myths

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Weightlifting has become increasingly popular, as the years have gone by. Now, it is considered to be a necessity in most people’s daily routine. However, while many blindly hop onto the weightlifting bandwagon, they often do so being misguided about the basics of the workout. Thus, it is best for these misconceptions are cleared out as soon as possible, so that the difficulties in the future get eliminated. So, if you are into weightlifting, then ensure that you have done your research and sought out expert advice, do not go with the crowd.

First and foremost let us address the most obvious and wrongly held belief about weightlifting: lifting heavy weights will show quicker results. Fortunately, this does not hold an ounce of truth. In fact lifting lighter weights can prove to be as useful and effective as lifting its heavier counterparts. However, to see results you must lift it until you reach the point of exhaustion. It is only if you do this that the outcome will be positive and you will attain the leaner body you have always wanted. You must also include variety in your workout and do body weight exercises.

Further, many are of the opinion that machines and similar equipment in the gym are more effective when trying to acquire a leaner physique. However, this too is a lie. Free weights provide greater and better results, because when on the machines, your body is confined to a certain movement and so that restricts the strengthening of your muscles. Whereas, with free weights the movement is more natural and thus, there is a large amount of muscle activity in your body. Therefore, the results are beneficial as well. The next time you are left to choose between a weight machine or the option to do squats, go for the latter and observe the fantastic outcome.

Moreover, there is a widely held misconception that once you begin indulging in lifting weights on a regular basis, then if you abandon it for some time, your muscle turns into fat and it starts accumulating rapidly in your body. However, this is could not be further from the truth. Muscle and fat are two different entities and there is no way that if you stop weightlifting for a while that one will turn into another. In fact, possessing muscles will help you burn the unwanted fat. So, although you should be regular with your weightlifting exercises, if for some reason you are not, then don’t feat fat accumulation.

Finally, weightlifting is a widely acclaimed and famous workout routine. However, most people get into it unaware and often stray onto the wrong path. This ultimately results in no results or leaves you struggling with negative outcomes. So it best that you indulge in thorough research before you embark on this journey. Remember that being regular with your exercises, taking the natural Adonis Golden Ratio route and refusing to tag along with the crowd will do wonders for your muscle building, as well as training.

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