What is the Adonis Index Golden Ratio?

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Everything looks so much better when they follow symmetry. The same can be said for the body. Men who are aiming to get a good, attractive body should strive for the Adonis index. But what exactly is the Adonis index?

The Ratio

You are considered physically attractive if your shoulders are broader than your waist. The Adonis index actually follows the famous Golden ratio, which says that your waist and shoulder should have a 1.618 ratio. You have to use the measurements of your waist and shoulders to determine if your body already fits the ratio.

Who will this Ratio Work for?

What if you’re not the type of guy who gains muscles easily? Does this mean the ratio is not suitable for you? The answer is no. The Golden Ration is applicable anywhere and to anyone. Even if you are lean, as long as you have shoulders and waist within the ideal proportion, you will already look good. Meanwhile, those who have a bit of fat in their abdominal area will have to do more abdominal exercise to get started.

How to Achieve the Ratio

What is the Adonis Index Golden Ratio?

The Adonis Index Golden Ratio is easy to achieve even if you have to start from a difficult body. Men who are big and broad-shouldered with an equally big waistline will have to drop some weight to bring down their waist size into the ideal level. Note that dropping some weight doesn’t mean that you should eat less. You still need to maintain a healthy body, so that means doing more exercise that targets abdominal fat. Men who are thin, however, need to work on their shoulders. One way of broadening your upper body is by targeting the forearms. Filling out your chest is also important.

Get Closer to the Ideal Ratio in No Time

If you know your Adonis ratio, you will know whether you need to lose fat or build muscle. If your waist needs to be reduced to fit the ratio better, then fat loss is the one for you. Meanwhile, if your waist is too narrow or your shoulders aren’t broad enough, you need to focus on building muscles. There are plenty of exercises that target the certain area you want in order to achieve the 1.618 index.

Supplementary Diet

Of course you need to watch what you eat in order to get optimum results from your exercise in no time. This means consuming only the calories your body requires. Before workout, eat some food so that your body will have enough fuel. Then after exercising, give your body some protein and carbohydrates for optimum fat burning.

With the right strategy, you can have a body that’s attractive to women and envied by men. Now that you know the secret to an attractive physique, you should keep your goals in alignment to it. All your hard work will surely pay off once you start getting interesting stares from women around you.