What is the Perfect Body Nutrition for Men?

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Men and women care for their bodies differently. Women make sure that they look good from head to toe, while men aren’t as vain. Women will take all the time that they need to apply makeup to improve their facial features. They will spend money on flattering clothes to emphasize body parts they consider as their best asset. Although men aren’t a fan of makeup and choosing clothes are not as complicated for them, this doesn’t mean that you should not care for how your body looks to females.

Women Notice Beauty

Women are great fans of symmetry and this also applies to people. They might not even be aware of it, but the fact is their brains are hardwired to get attracted to someone who has good symmetry. If your shoulders and waist are close to the Adonis ratio, women will definitely get more attracted to you. Sounds effortless, right?

There’s Work to Do

Unless you were lucky to be born with a body that’s toned and ripped and follows the Adonis ratio, you need to get some work done. No, this does not mean undergoing surgery. All you need is to work on the areas of the body that will get you closer to the Adonis ratio. For example, if you are thin, your shoulders might need a little filling out. It’s time to lift those weights and tone your muscles. Meanwhile, if you have some belly fat, reducing your waist will have to be done through abdominal and core exercises. With the right exercise you’ll be getting female attention in no time.

What is the Perfect Body Nutrition for Men?

It Doesn’t Stop There

You will find it hard to get the Adonis ratio if you are not eating the right food. Perfect body nutrition is as important as the exercise you are doing. If you are not eating the right food, all the hard work you are doing will be for nothing. It will also take you longer to get to your ideal weight if you’re not particular with the food you eat. Fortunately, experts can help you determine the right nutrition for your body type and goal.

What is the Perfect Body Nutrition for Men?

Don’t let other men get all the girls. You should be in the game and get any girl you want. Thankfully, that’s not impossible at all. As long as you follow the Adonis Golden Ratio, women should be attracted to you physiologically and psychologically. Take advantage of their hardwired brain and get work on that ratio now.