Why Bodybuilding?

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Who doesn’t want to have an attractive physique? Almost all of us! Yes, almost each one of us has that conscious or unconscious craving for an attractive physique. That is the prime reason why we get moved by somebody’s Arnold-like body. And really, same is the reason for more and more fitness clubs and gyms are opening up.

So why should you go to a bodybuilding gym? Yes you know! But here might be a few additional reasons if you missed out any. Or all reasons could be your reason if you don’t have any.

  1. Fitness is enemy for every disease: Are you tired of joint pains? If not perfect curves, at least a fit body is everyone’s necessity. And this doctor or that, they all suggest us to be fit. This is primarily because if one is fit, they can fight diseases better.

You also increase your ability to adapt by becoming fit. And for heart diseases, cardio training is known to be blessing in disguise.

  1. Works as stress buster: Stressed due to office pressure? Or too much worries in the family? Hit the gym for an hour and you will be relieved.

As per February 2011 issue of Harvard Men’s Health Watch aerobic exercises have the unique potential to relax and counter depression.

Scientifically, exercise reduces levels of cortisol and adrenaline kind of stress hormones. And also stimulates the higher secretion of endorphins, which acts as the body’s natural painkiller and mood elevator.

  1. Increases longevity: For ages, man has wanted to live a longer life. So, if you are not a physique enthusiast and don’t want to workout for building up muscles, you might choose it for increasing your life-span. It indirectly states the same fact, though.
  2. Better self-image: Really, can’t you imagine it? With improved waist-line and broader chest, more stamina and stronger physique, your self image will automatically improve and your face will have an inner confidence.
  3. Networking: Who likes to approach a silent guy for friendship? Rarely anybody. Working out can improve your self-image, increase your confidence, and you can talk to anyone and everyone when you have the confidence within. Even people will get attracted towards you and you will be able to make more friends and build up better networks. This will also help you get your job done far more easily.

We all know the importance of networks in professional world. Who knows, you might meet your next boss as your Adonis Golden Ratio gym partner. So that could be the place where you could talk things you don’t get time to mention in the office.

  1. Because you started: Confused? Not very different from above, this point is just a reason for you to continue once you started.

Of course, starting bodybuilding can be a daunting experience like any new task. Neighbours, friends, etc. could laugh, which could be demotivating. But your decision to start itself should inspire you to cross every hurdle coming along the way and should keep your inner fuel burning towards your goal of a fit body.

And further, hitting the gym is definitely not at all important. But firstly, investing your money in the gym will again be an additional reason for you to continue your exercise. And secondly, your network of friends in the gym could motivate you to carry on.

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